Sur une musique de rococo
Cette petite Pamela Popo
A mis au point un de ses numéros
Un strip-tease à vous faire froid dans le dos

Serge Gainsbourg


Mushroom ravioli
parsnip’s chips
13 €
Organic poched egg
mashed sweet potatoes and mushroom fricassee
12 €
Provencal gratinated
13 €
Shelled Crab
Asparagus mousse and scallop’s carpaccio
16 €
Foie gras terrine
Porto jelly and pear chutney
21 €


Pike Perch Filet
Quinoa risotto with fava beans and condiments
27 €
Cod fish filet
Crushed potatoes, hazelnuts and lime
25 €
Lamb filet
Garlic butter, green beans and aubergine caviar
29 €
Chicken supreme
Rosemary Mascarpone stuffing, carrot mousseline
25 €
Beef rib-eye steak
for 2 persons,  fried potatoes and green salad
85 €


Paris Brest
10 €
Chantilly creme
11 €
Lukewarm Chocolate tart
salted butter caramel and hazelnuts
11 €
Praline in chocolate shell
Feuillantine, coffee ice cream and hot melted chocolate
13 €