Sur une musique de rococo
Cette petite Pamela Popo
A mis au point un de ses numéros
Un strip-tease à vous faire froid dans le dos

Serge Gainsbourg


Summer ravioli
Green peas, ricotta, hazelnuts and lukewarm tarragon broth
14 €
Provencal snails
15 €
Heirloom tomato ceviche
Strawberries and stracciatella
17 €
Veal tartar
Parmesan and avruga, sage oil and toasted bread
19 €
Twisted eggs mayonnaise with citrus
Bitterness shot
12 €

Main Courses

Chicken supreme with savory
Green peas texture and black garlic cream
26 €
Veal Eye-Rump milanese style
Braised escarole with pecans and  vinaigrette
27 €
Wild sea bass
Cumin glazed carrots, couscous-style semolina and juice transformed into a sauce
37 €
Lacquered and seared with miso, braised pak choy and lemongrass broth
28 €
Aberdeen Angus rib-eye steak for 2
Pommes Darphin, green salad and bearnaise sauce
85 €


Saint-Marcellin cheese
8 €
Charlottes strawberies, vanilla syrup and muscovado
11 €
Praline in shell
Vanilla diplomat cream, red fruits and strawberry sorbet
13 €
Huge vanilla cream puff
Yuzu caramel, hazelnuts and lemon zest
12 €
Exotics fruits tartar
Lemon-cilantro sorbet
12 €